The source of the BALSEGUR's familly.

First of all I would like to thanks here Nancy BALSEGUR for her great job of collecting information which has bring us up to 1650 in Limoux.

The genealogy.
You can see one of the two actuall branch of the familly.
Or see the complete genealogy tree of the BALSEGUR :
- if you have EXCEL (or a simmilar sofware compatible) you can download this file in ZIP format,
- either you can only view it on-line (beware the next page could take up to 10 minuts if you don't have an ADSL or Cable connection).

The place.
It exist a place near Gaillac (France) on the town of Montans which is calling BALSEGURE (with an E at the end).
You can view Montans on a map,
or see BALSEGURE on the map of Montans (sorry for the poor quality of the image which will follow).

The legend of the origin.
I will told you my favorite legend of the origin of the familly name BALSEGUR. Don't look for the true in it, I don't even know if there is one, but it is a nice story.
The origin came from the Cathares. During the night before the castle of SEGUR surrender, the Cathare legend explain that 2 child has escape from the castle. Thoses child was having the Graal.
The France was not a safe place for them, so they escape to Spain and to avoid to be seen, they changed their name from "DE SEGUR" to "VAL SEGUR" in memory of the valley by which they have escape.
But in Spain the B and the V are the same letter, so time after time "VAL SEGUR" became "BAL SEGUR"...


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